Love in All Forms: The Big Book of Growing Up Queer is a 128 page, full color, comic anthology for kids aged 5-12 that showcases stories about youth who are LGBTQ+ or questioning their identity. Available for purchase as a high resolution DRM-free PDF and beautifully printed softcover in our shop.

Free samples can be seen in the "Contents" section.

Why did we make a book about/for queer children?

The stories in this book hope to reach queer children to show them that they are not alone and that their stories deserve to be told. We also wanted to encourage parents and families to discuss sexual and gender identity more openly with children. This book's goal is to show that nonheterosexual and/or noncisgender people are unique, complete human beings worthy of respect, sympathy, and most of all, love. We hope that this book will also be read to and read by non-queer children, so they can better understand and accept these individuals.

We consider these goals to be valid, worthwhile endeavors. But most of all, we wanted to create and share the stories we wish we could have had when we were children--from touching "coming-to-terms-with-your-identity" stories to fun-filled adventures spearheaded by queer kids, we've got it all!


Practicing by Taylor Robin

Both by Kori Michele

indigo by Niki Smith

Playdate by Sara Goetter

Ascending by Laurel Varian

Love Potion by Gisele Jobateh

Dear Diary by Serafina Dwyer

Princess by Savannah Horrocks & Victoria Winters

Janus by Deanna

Dream/Reality by K. Guillory

Quest by Lisa Eisenberg

My Natalie by Alisa Vaniushkina

Valentine Foil by Jennifer Doyle

Deep Breaths by Sarah Winifred Searle & Alex Heberling

Cover art by Alice Fox

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